In - Always in our hearts

  • Michelle Kennedy lit a candle on 03/05/2009:
    "Love you and Miss you! "

  • Arlene Binger lit a candle on 03/07/2017:
    "“Today, it is 9 years since you left this world, but it still seems like yesterday. My love for you is infinite, and missing you is the greatest loss I must endure. But, you are very much alive in all the wonderful memories that sustain me each and every day. I know that you are watching over all of us, and you are guiding and protecting Michelle, Alyssa, Tyson and everyone in the family. Alyssa just celebrated her “Sweet 16” birthday last Friday. She is growing into a beautiful, strong, and intelligent adolescent. This Friday, it will be Tyson’s 10th birthday. He is a handsome, quiet, intellectual boy, and his personality reminds me so much of you. I am blessed because I feel so comforted when I am with Michelle and the kids. We call your name often – you are never forgotten – you are always remembered!”"

  • Lisa Moreira lit a candle on 03/06/2009:
    "never forgotten"

Tributes and Condolences

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  • Dear Daddy;

    Alyssa Grant

    "dear dad i love you so much sooo does tyson but he does not know you but im sure if he did know he would say eye love u i but i love you for sure daddyy i love your smile and i love you very much ps. ill get you something p.s. i love you "

  • Thinking of you

    Michelle Kennedy

    "I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new.I thought of you yesterday and days before that too.I think of you in silence as I often speak your name.All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part. God has you in His keeping. I have you in my heart."

  • Ms

    Michelle Kennedy

    "I can't believe it's been 5 years since the day you passed away. I remember that day like it was yesterday...the pain, shock, sadness I felt the morning of March 7th, 2007. I'm so sorry you had to leave this earth so early and not be able to enjoy and watch your children grow up. If there is one thing I could say about you Tony, was that you were a great father. I know your spirit is still with us and I know that one day we will meet again in heaven and until that day know that I miss you with all my heart and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. My heart broke and it will never be the same. xo"

  • Missing you

    Michelle Kennedy

    "10 years has gone by, but it doesn't feel like that long ago. We're missing you a little more, Each time we hear your name, We've cried so many tears...yet our heart's broken just the same. We miss our times together, things in common we could share, But nothing fills the emptiness, now you're no longer there. We've so many precious memories to last our whole life through and each one of them reminds me of how much I miss you "

  • Thank you

    Natasha McKenzie

    "As I read the condolences left behind, tears keep flowing. I knew so little of you yet you hold a beautiful presence around my heart and especially Jaelon\'s . We light a candle in your honor and I pray that the Lord holds the family you left behind together in all the qualities you possesed. Love and Laughter. Thank you for being good to Jaelon. your one of a kind and you are missed. "

  • my dad, my bestfriend

    Alyssa Grant

    "Everyday I miss you and everyday I think about you I miss everything. About you your laugh,smile, and when you'd give me your big tight hugs that seemed to last forever!!!. Everyday I wonder why god had to take you from me and the world. I just want you here with me I'll miss you forever and always "

  • Missing you!!!!

    Michelle Kennedy

    "I miss you more than anything!!!!!! I think about you every day, and most days...all day. I can\'t believe that you\'re gone, life is not fair, you were taken away from us all way tooo soon! I feel lost without you in my life and just want you to know that I love you more than you\'ll ever know...miss you TONY!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO"

  • Dear Dad

    Alyssa Grant

    "Cant believe its been 9 years time flies so quickly. Theres not a day that goes by when i dont think about you. I love you so much and will forever cherish the memories i have with you, and will continue to tell tyson how much of a great dad you were. Love you forever and always xoxox"

  • Missing you

    Nicole de Haan

    "I miss your laugh Tony!!! I love you Mish!! I\'ll be thinking of you guys all day!!"

  • Thinking of you

    Melissa, Jonny Crocker

    "Our thoughts & prayers are with you today Michelle, Alyssa & Tyson! Tony you are missesd by so many today and always. xoxoxo"

  • Daughter

    Alyssa Grant

    "dear dad its so hard with out you, i need you. I miss when you gave me big kisses and hug,s i have so much to say to you i want you here beside me. i did not even get to say sorry to you when i was meen to you and i did not even get to say bye. I need you so much please tell god that we need you, aunt Isy and gramma and grampa. love mom love avo love dede love frank love papa and tyson and of course love me"

  • Miss you and Love you!

    Michelle Kennedy

    "In all that life has given me and all thats left to do, I never had a greater gift than the years I spent with you. The moment that you passed away my heart was torn in two. One side filled with memories, the other died with you. I often lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheeks. Tony, remembering you is easy, I do it everyday...but missing you is heartache that will never go away. I hold you tight with my heart and there you will remain, Life\'s gone on without you but will never be the same. If I could have one lifetime wish, one dream that would come true, I\'d pray to God with all my heart for yesterday and you. "

  • MyBrother

    kathleen calvelli

    "It was a cool March morning when i heard them say God had come to take you away. The tears started to roll down my cheeks, as I thought to myself this could not be. At this point I felt like this was all wrong and couldn\'t see past all the hurt that is caused. It has now been a year since you went away, and it is all the little things I miss today. Your tender laugh, the sound of your voice, a gentle pat on the back, and even the conversations we had. I am not ready to say goodbye, as I know you have become a angel in the sky. I know that when my time comes you will be waiting with open arms. Tony I miss you so much these days, but I know you never realy went away. Wait for me when it is my time and promise me you will be my guide.I LOVE YOU, AND MISS YOU SO MUCH. THESE WORDS I WRITE ARE JUST A TOUCH OF WHAT YOU REALY MEEN TO ME. WISH YOU WERE STILL HERE, BUT IN MY HEART I KNOW YOU ARE ALWAYS NEAR.I LOVE YOU.Your sister Kathleen, and family xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo"

  • Missing you & Thinking about you always!

    MIchelle Kennedy

    "Its been two years since the day you left us, with no good bye. We miss you more than ever, the pain still remains...our hearts are forever broken. They`re are no words to explain your loss, we miss you more than ever. Each day that goes by I cry a tear, my heart feels so much pain, but life goes on...but that memory remains the same. I will remember you forever each and every day...time and space and years will pass yet your memory will always stay deeply bound within my heart... "

  • Missing and Remembering You Always

    Mary Kennedy

    "This month marks the 2nd year anniversary of your passing. The days pass but, the memories are forever. That day was such a shock to us all and still leaves us numb, dazed and confused. We were not prepared to let you go however, God had a different plan for you an Angel he made you a Soldier of his own to guide, protect and watch over us with wings of your own. Until we meet again, love you, miss you more than words can express."